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Parramatta is the new hip and happening place to work in Sydney.

October 08, 2019

It will soon be know as Sydney's 2nd CBD with the new developments taking place. The $2 billion plus Parramatta Square precinct will comprise off 4 new buildings. Once completed there will be a direct underground transition from the station to Parramatta Square public domain providing commuters easy access to their workplace. OPEN4 has been engaged, by Built, to support the delivery and installation of the loose furniture on 4PS, some 10,000 individual items from 11 suppliers. 4PS will be 40 stories high with 33 commercial floors, 5 podium and 4 basement levels. The $400 million commercial building will comprise of 80,000sqm of office space. Open4 has put in place its "single source delivery methodology" in order to support Built and manage the furniture suppliers. Supported by one of our senior project managers, OPEN4 is providing warehouse, delivery and installation services for all the furniture suppliers. It is all about making life easier and reducing the impact on multiple suppliers on the building site. Day to day things change and it is imperative that we are flexible to accomodate these changes. Being one company and not 11 makes it much easier for the builder with a single source to contact. It’s exciting for OPEN4 to be part of 4PS and our goal over the coming months is to deliver this project ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.

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