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OPEN4 has been helping businesses open their doors for over 20 years.

OPEN4 originated in the commercial furniture industry and was founded with a vision to provide smart strategies in logistics, commercial installations for performance business across Australia.

OPEN4 has evolved to provide a wide range of services from warehousing, transport and installation to the commercial furniture industry, retail market, hotel industry, hospitals, medical industry, student accommodation and serviced apartments. Our progressive thinking and innovative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd. It's why our projects are always delivered ON QUALITY, ON BUDGET, ON TIME.


OPEN4 is the largest independent furniture installation company in Australia with branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth offering services throughout Australia Pacific region. Our people are highly skilled installers, tradespeople and project managers who are committed to openness, integrity and have a passion for service excellence.


OPEN4's vision is to continue as a natural leader in developing and applying best practices aimed at reducing time and cost of FF&E projects. As a result, our clients can be more productive, profitable and open on time. 


OPEN4 is excited to announce the opening of our fourth location across Australia. The addition of OPEN4 WA gives OPEN4 the opportunity to be a company that operates Nation wide allowing flexibility and ease for not only our existing clientele but also new clients to deliver projects in a costly and timely manner by having not only a distribution point but also an installation team on the west coast. 

OPEN4 WA will be providing turnkey solutions to the West Australian market, offering project management, installation, warehousing and transport to deliver on quality, on budget and on time for our clients.

OPEN4 WA will be lead by Walter Sutton accompanied by a strong team to deliver success in the WA market. Walter has a wealth of knowledge in office furniture and work stations installations, having worked in the industry for over 20 years. Walter has previously worked alongside OPEN4 to deliver projects based in WA and SA over the past 2 years. Walter understands the business and what our clients expect and that has given us the confidence to know that OPEN4 WA will be a great addition to our 3 existing locations on the east coast.


OPEN4  is proud to be a member of The Facilities Services Network (FSN) which comprises 19 of the best—and some of the biggest—independent commercial furniture installation firms in the United States, Canada and Australia. Acting individually and collectively, we promote professionalism, best practices and high performance in commercial furniture and facility services.

 When it’s your goal to be an industry leader, you want the best resources and feedback you can find. That’s why OPEN4 joined The FSN for more information on FSN please go to

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