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Australia's 1st Boutique Store for Chaumet

OPEN4 were an integral part of the fit-out for Chaumet’s first Australian boutique store. September 17, 2018 All of the FF&E for the project was delivered to OPEN4’s Sydney warehouse. There was 1 container and 32 oversized individual crates. On arrival of the container and crates we inspected all the FF&E and repaired any of the defects that required repairing prior to delivery to site. We used a “Just in Time” approach for the delivery of the FF&E based on the size of the site. The store size was 75sqm, therefore there were restrictions as to what could be delivered each day. Installation included large scale timber panelling features dominantly throughout the store. No modification could be made to this specification, as the artwork was already featured on the timber panels. The store features a striking centre piece the “Alabasta Cloud” and the “Wall of Crowns” expressing refined and luxurious, intimate and feminine undeniably Parisian, the showcase setting truly expresses the Maison’s identity. The tiara, the symbol of Chaumet, protrudes from the far wall in a dramatic 3D effect and is the Maison’s majesty and reminder of the exceptional savoir-fare. Thank you Calida for engaging OPEN4 on this great project!

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