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OPEN4 runs into a new ASICS store fitout and finishes ONTIME

October 29, 2019

Flagship stores provide something unique, something that enables customers to interact with the brand on a multi-sensory level, generates an emotional response and attracts attention. The best flagships offer customers the opportunity to be inspired, to have fun, to be entertained, to be awe-struck, to free their imaginations. In short, they provide the best, most memorable shopping experience – ever. Recently ASICS redeveloped their warehouse concept store at Marsden Park. Working with Renascent, OPEN4 had a team of 5 installing all the FF&E across 12 days. ASICS now has a store that exceeds a customers expectation and when they walk in the door not only will they walk out with their new pair of runners they came to buy but also some running gear to go with them. OPEN4 were able to help deliver this concept with the installation delivering it ONQUALITY - ONTIME - ONBUDGET

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