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December 17, 2018

Working in remote locations can sometimes be challenging and expensive to complete for you and your client. Delivering of projects central locations are part of everyday business for OPEN4, but that's not always the case. Continually OPEN4 is challenged by our clients to deliver projects in remote locations. OPEN4 rises to the occasion to accept these challenges that seem impossible. We have recently supported our clients in locations like Palau, Chukk in Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and locations across Australia like Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Hobart, Townsville and Port Stephens. Running a project in a 3rd world country can often have its challenges. In September OPEN4 completed the office fit-out for mobile phone company Huawei in Papua New Guinea. OPEN4's installation team working with local Chinese building company Vision and JLL Sydney to install all the FF&E for an international commercial furniture supplier, Steelcase. Our install time of 2 weeks had an initial delay with the containers arriving late which created our first challenge. Other challenges OPEN4 faced while working in this remote location were: - language barriers - customs - cultural differences - work values - food - climate - safety of workplace With all the challenges above and delays OPEN4 were able to deliver the project ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.

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