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OPEN4 helps the doors open ONTIME in Sydney for WeWork

For those that don’t know WeWork they are the fastest growing co-working space in the world and occupy more real estate in Manhattan than any other company. March 05, 2019 Engaged by a Queensland joinery manufacturer, OPEN4 provided a skilled team of joiners to complete the installation of supplied joinery. Soon after starting OPEN4 applied its turnkey solution by providing additional services of warehouse, transport and floor loading. The location provided its own challengers installing into 6 floors of a Heritage Building. A large percentage of the joinery had to be custom scribed to fit into the original polished concrete floors and existing block walls. If we ever believe projects are not going to have challenges, then we are definitely not in the right industry. A small loading dock and restricted access, the number of joinery items and their size, restricted access to the lift and having to floor load through the stairwell never stood in the way of OPEN4 delivering ONTIME. The team worked days, nights and weekends to make sure the job was ready to handover at project completion The works completed were:

  • Custom scribed joinery

  • Wall paneling with mirrors

  • Breakout kitchens

  • Banquet seating

  • Reception bar

  • Planter boxes

So, if you are looking for a team of joiners to help complete your next project then don’t hesitate to call us at OPEN4.

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