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OPEN4 helps local farmers on the NSW South Coast.

March 05, 2020 Mogo is a small town surrounded by farms on the NSW South Coast. The fires that ravaged NSW recently caused devastation to many of these properties. Houses on these properties have been partially or totally destroyed and the water tanks that provide water for everyday living have either been burnt down or melted under the extreme heat. In order to rebuild, water tanks were placed on the high priority list. A group, lead by Carl Hinton a fellow paddler and good friend of Chris Orchards, raised funds to buy 60 new water tanks and OPEN4 agreed to provide the transport and delivery to the farms surrounding Mogo. This is part of a message sent by Chris to OPEN4 staff “It was an extremely humbling experience delivering water tanks to 24 separate properties and getting to see first-hand the devastation that these fires caused to this community. It was just unbelievable to hear the many stories that each person told us as we delivered these water tanks, to see what was left of their homes, sheds, and cars (in many instances almost nothing left but black charred remains), and to listen to how they fought the fires to try and save their properties and their families. I’m extremely proud of our OPEN4 team who put in a massive day to help these people who were in need - well done to Guy, Blake, Sovea & Poki - yesterday you made a difference - THANK YOU.”

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