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Education is the name of the game but was no walk in the library

No 90 degree angles

April 29, 2019

There can be many benefits working with a school. They have holidays which provides an opportunity for work to be completed without disruption. No teachers - No students. It also presents challenges with a strict project completion date. When school returns everything needs to be completed ON TIME. Joinery manufacturers engage OPEN4 to support their installations. Paloma, one of Sydney's leading joinery manufacturers, utilised our team of joiners on the installation at Russell Lea Public School over the Xmas holidays. This was no walk in the library as it entailed very detailed joinery installation. Simply there were no 90-degree cuts everything needed to be customised. The stage in the library was extremely detailed and required customisation. It required measuring and cuts to specific angles. The OPEN4 joinery team completed the installation:

  • Reception room

  • Pigeon holes

  • Cabinets

  • Stage in the library

OPEN4's team was ahead of the schedule and caught up with the builder. This prevented work progressing and our team were required to leave the site. Once the builder completed their scope our joinery team returned and completed the job for Paloma ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.

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