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Delivery to Site

Normal Time vs Outside Normal Time

What is the best option both financially and productively to deliver a project? When it comes to providing the right solution to deliver product to site there is a lot to consider.

  • What is the access to the building like?

  • Is there a loading dock? What is the maximum height?

  • Is there a goods lift? What is its capacity?

  • Will there be other trades on site? Will they be using the same lift?

  • Will the delivery company have clear and uninterrupted access to the lift?

  • Is the floor available to receive the product?

  • Can all the products be delivered at the same time or will it be staged?

The questions above can have a major impact on the costs and efficiencies of delivery.

QUESTION: Is delivering during normal time the right solution for your project?

Consider this when delivering outside Normal Hours:

  • Direct access to loading dock – No queues – delays can be 4 times longer during normal time

  • No waiting for lifts – delays can be 3 times longer during normal time

  • Free and clear access – not having to work around other trades can greatly increase productivity

Building sites can be time consuming and tedious to deliver to during normal time. If it is a busy building site, consider delivering outside normal hours when the site is free and clear of other trades. Watch the increase in productivity. Even thou the hourly rate is higher the productivity far outweighs the cost and guarantees the project to be delivered on time. In many instances delivering outside normal hours has proven to save money and negate variations.

OPEN4’s team are ready to deliver your project whether it be day or night. Ask one of our project managers to visit the site and provide the right solution to deliver your next project ONQUALITY, ONBUDGET, ONTIME.

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