OPEN4 helps local farmers on the NSW South Coast.

March 04, 2020

Mogo is a small town surrounded by farms on the NSW South Coast. The fires that ravaged NSW recently caused devastation to many of these properties. Houses on these properties have been partially or totally destroyed and the water tanks that provide water for everyday living have either been burnt down or melted under the extreme heat. In order to rebuild, water tanks were placed on the high priority list. A group, lead by Carl Hinton a fellow paddler and good friend of Chris Orchards, raised funds to buy 60 new water tanks and OPEN4 agreed to provide the transport and delivery to the farms surrounding Mogo.
This is part of a message sent by Chris to OPEN4 staff
“It was an extremely humbling experience delivering water tanks to 24 separate properties and getting to see first-hand the devastation that these fires caused to this community. It was just unbelievable to hear the many stories that each person told us as we delivered these water tanks, to see what was left of their homes, sheds, and cars (in many instances almost nothing left but black charred remains), and to listen to how they fought the fires to try and save their properties and their families. I’m extremely proud of our OPEN4 team who put in a massive day to help these people who were in need - well done to Guy, Blake, Sovea & Poki - yesterday you made a difference - THANK YOU.”


Introducing the 2019 Stars of the OPEN4 Employee Awards

December 05, 2019

In an eagerly anticipated awards ceremony on 6th December the winners of the 2019 OPEN4 Awards were announced.


The winners are judged by a selection criteria that includes exceeding expectations, embodying the OPEN4 Values and for work practices, behaviours and conduct that go over and above.


And the winners are….

  • Employee of the Year Award – Nesi Mataitonga

  • Rookie of the Year – Agnes Konokono

  • Customer Service Award – Shirley Dentice


Congratulations to all the winners and to the broader OPEN4 team for their hard work and dedication.

The horses are on the track and OPEN4 gallops across the line fitting out a new hotel in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.

November 26, 2019

Situated between Melbourne’s 2 major race courses, Flemington and Moonee Valley, is a brand new apartment style hotel which provides business people, families and those that love to have a punt a great place to stay.  Having 97 apartments, consisting of one and two bedrooms, the Sebel provides state of the art fixtures and fittings with a 4.5 star rating.  Don’t go past this hotel, stop and stay, you won’t be disappointed.
Engaged by the new owners, JMS Hospitality, OPEN4's role was to manage all suppliers. This included the receival, transport and installation of all FF&E and OS&E.

  • Samsung TVs from Harvey Norman

  • Beds from A.H. Beard

  • Furniture, Tables, Wall Art, Mirrors, Bedheads from Rubix Collection

  • Fridges, Microwaves, washing machines from One Call

  • Plates, knives & forks, Kitchen items from Bunzl

  • Chrome Casts & TV Interfaces from HoneyBadger

Arthur from JMS Hospitality said "Working with OPEN4 and their team in Melbourne was great.  They handled the full installation of all the FF&E from co-ordinating suppliers to delivery and floor loading.  OPEN4 was able to overcome many obstacles to complete the project ONTIME and we are absolutely satisfied with the result.  We look forward to working with OPEN4 on our next hotel and would not hesitate to recommend them to others looking to take the pain out of delivery and installation."

Our goal at OPEN4 is help hotels open ONQUALITY, ONBUDGET and ONTIME and again we have succeeded. With our  project management team we take the pain out of dealing with multiple suppliers, transport and installation.  For your next project call OPEN4.

OPEN4 runs into a new ASICS store fitout and finishes ONTIME

October 28, 2019

Flagship stores provide something unique, something that enables customers to interact with the brand on a multi-sensory level, generates an emotional response and attracts attention. 
The best flagships offer customers the opportunity to be inspired, to have fun, to be entertained, to be awe-struck, to free their imaginations.  In short, they provide the best, most memorable shopping experience – ever.
Recently ASICS redeveloped their warehouse concept store at Marsden Park.  Working with Renascent, OPEN4 had a team of 5 installing all the FF&E across 12 days.
ASICS now has a store that exceeds a customers expectation and when they walk in the door not only will they walk out with their new pair of runners they came to buy but also some running gear to go with them.
OPEN4 were able to help deliver this concept with the installation delivering it ONQUALITY - ONTIME - ONBUDGET

Parramatta is the new hip and happening place to work in Sydney.

October 07, 2019

It will soon be know as Sydney's 2nd CBD with the new developments taking place. The $2 billion plus Parramatta Square precinct will comprise off 4 new buildings.
Once completed there will be a direct underground transition from the station to Parramatta Square public domain providing commuters easy access to their workplace.
OPEN4 has been engaged, by Built, to support the delivery and installation of the loose furniture on 4PS, some 10,000 individual items from 11 suppliers.  4PS will be 40 stories high with 33 commercial floors, 5 podium and 4 basement levels.  The $400 million commercial building will comprise of 80,000sqm of office space. 

Open4 has put in place its "single source delivery methodology" in order to support Built and manage the furniture suppliers. Supported by one of our senior project managers, OPEN4 is providing warehouse, delivery and installation services for all the furniture suppliers. It is all about making life easier and reducing the impact on multiple suppliers on the building site. Day to day things change and it is imperative that we are flexible to accomodate these changes. Being one company and not 11 makes it much easier for the builder with a single source  to contact.

It’s exciting for OPEN4 to be part of 4PS and our goal over the coming months is to deliver this project ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.

Panadol of the Industry

Finishing the last mile in a marathon can be the most difficult.

August 29, 2019

Many runners start to turn off as they get closer to the finishing line and this can cause an effect that often stops them from completing a race. This is not the time to be complacent but the time to really create a focus around completion. Projects are very similar. The client only sees the end result.  OPEN4 specialises in the last mile of a project whether it be a commercial office, hotel, aged care facility or retail fitout. What we install is what the customer sees.

Recently at a conference a new customer approached me and said he had heard that OPEN4 was the “Panadol of the industry”. Our goal is to take away your pain and complete the project ONQUALITY - ON BUDGET - ONTIME.

Exitos De La Moda

Fashion Hits OPEN4

August 22, 2019

If you have a spare minute in Sydney’s CBD then visit Westfield Pitt Street Mall and you will see a new store called Balenciaga. This is a high end fashion line that is building a strong presence in retail. Shoes, handbags, jewellery and sunglasses for men, women and children. Being in a Westfield there are certain restrictions and criteria’s to work with in order to open a new store.
OPEN4 was engaged by Calida to support the installation work for the new Balenciaga store on Level 4. Our scope required for a quick turnaround with delivery and installation work required when Westfield was closed.
A highlight of this installation was the solid curtains rails hanging from solid metal beams that can be moved to rearrange the store.
The majority of FF&E was supplied by the client and arrived at OPEN4 2 weeks prior to going to site. Our installation team worked around the clock to make sure Balenciaga opened ONQUALITY – ONBUDGET – ONTIME

Project Management

Taking the Stress Out of Delivery and Installation

June 19, 2019

How many inductions have you done lately?
How many times have you moved the delivery schedule?
How many times is access not available?
How many times are your installers waiting to start or complete the project?

OPEN4 can take the stress out of your projects by managing the entire process. Right from the start it is all about managing the project and setting expectations.  OPEN4 works on many sites where there are multiple suppliers of FF&E.  Each of these suppliers require delivery and installation.  Imagine all suppliers delivering through the one company to reduce impact on the site, builder and you. You may not be aware but OPEN4 could already be working on the site and we can take away your pain.
OPEN4 recent sites where we worked for multiple FF&E suppliers:
CBA Redfern – Meeting tables for WorkArena, Monitor Arms for Uplifting
DocuSign CBD – MPA/Facilitate relocation, Monitor Arms for Ergoport
Laing O’Rourke North Sydney – Workstations for Unifor, Uplifting Monitor arms, HumanScale Chairs, Flokk Chairs
Amex CBD – Workstations for Steelcase, Dexion Cabinets
OPEN4 were able help our customers by reducing their overall costs and deliver ON QUALITY – ON TIME – ON BUDGET.

Student Accommodation in the City

No more living on campus

June 10, 2019

Most colleges and universities have their own “little cities” built into them.  Now in Brisbane there is student accommodation in the CBD designed for any university student who wants to live there. This creates so many new opportunities and the chance to meet other students from different universities with the city at your doorstep.

OPEN4 was recently engaged by TSA Management to provide a turnkey solution to support their client, Student One, in the opening of a brand new 901 room student accommodation in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.  Our mission was to make sure Student One opened ON QUALITY – ON BUDGET – ON TIME.

OPEN4 was able to apply its “single source delivery methodology”. Simply it is where all suppliers of furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) deliver to OPEN4’s warehouse, OPEN4 then manages and stages the delivery and installation of all the products as the building floors become available. Single source management, single source delivery, single source installation, single source PEACE OF MIND.

Some quick specifications of the project

  • 901 rooms, 184 common areas

  • Two towers – Elizabeth Street 23 storeys, Charlotte Street 25 storeys

  • 4,620 furniture items, 1441 whitegoods (Volume 2,300M3)

  • 3500 hours of labour to be completed in 3 months (15 onsite personnel)

  • Warehousing included asset management and quality assurance

  • Deliveries were conducted out of standard hours


A message from Student One - Where do I start on Open4! What superb FF&E Turnkey installation specialists to have on board to help us kit out our new residential accommodation building for Student One. We worked closely with OPEN4 for our staged handover new build for well over three months and they were a dream to work with. It was a tricky install with many tight deadlines, stop and start workflows and hard to access areas involved in the staged handover from the builders. This was a piece of cake for OPEN4 and they worked around the limitations and restrictions extremely well and with a great attitude.
Nothing was too much to ask and everything was well managed every day. All staff were well presented and polite and on the ball. To Gary & Andrew and the OPEN4 team – I would like to pass on a sincere thank you from the entire Student One Team. The fit out and opening of our new building couldn’t have gone so smooth without you! If anyone is serious about looking after their FF&E and ensuring the install goes smooth – look no further than OPEN4. They are the FF&E Turnkey company you are looking for!
Contact us at OPEN4 to understand more about the single source methodology and how it can help you in your next project.

Saving somebody’s life is the best gift you can give.

OPEN4 is committed to workplace safety and the livelihood of those that work with us and around us.

June 03, 2019

We are excited to announce that we will be supporting Guy Leech, Australia’s “#1 Fitness Guy”, mission to get a defib within 180 seconds of every Australian.  

30,000 people this year will have a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)! Most will die.  If someone has a SCA you need to act quickly.  The first 180 seconds are critical, it can be the difference between life and death! Without a defibrillator, these people stand little or no chance of survival.

Guy Leech and Chris Orchard have been great mates and paddled together for many years.  In early 2016, Guy and his paddling club were enjoying a beautiful summer day in Sydney’s Harbour, near Manly.  At the end of their session, one of the kayakers – affectionately known to his friends as “Chucky” – began to feel shortness of breath and collapsed.  Guy sprang into action.  He performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Chucky’s chest for 10 minutes as others called for an ambulance.  Once the ambulance arrived, paramedics were able to revive Chucky with LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator.  Unfortunately, Chucky never recovered and passed away after a week in a local hospital.

One of life’s most haunting questions is “What if?”.  Guy began asking himself that exact question, wondering if faster access to a defibrillator could have saved his life.  What if there had been a defibrillator somewhere nearby? Maybe on the beach? Or in a car?

Guy believes defibrillators should be in as many places as possible after learning first-hand that sudden cardiac arrest can strike anywhere and anytime.

OPEN4 over the last year have had 3 cases of people with heart issues.  One of our colleagues ended up in hospital with shortness of breath. Soon after an operation occurred, and a stent put in place.  There is a defibrillator in both our offices so we know if we need it there is one on hand.

As a valued partner with OPEN4 simply purchase an AED from  and enter the discount code: “open4” and receive a 5% discount.  Please contact if you want to purchase 5 or more.

From the purchase of every 10 defibrillators using the OPEN4 discount code we will donate a defibrillator to a local school.


So, not only will you be helping your business by making one available, but also a local school.

Education is the name of the game but was no walk in the library

No 90 degree angles

April 28, 2019

There can be many benefits working with a school.  They have holidays which provides an opportunity for work to be completed without disruption.  No teachers - No students.  It also presents challenges with a strict project completion date.  When school returns everything needs to be completed ON TIME.

Joinery manufacturers engage OPEN4 to support their installations.  Paloma, one of Sydney's leading joinery manufacturers, utilised our team of joiners on the installation at Russell Lea Public School over the Xmas holidays.  This was no walk in the library as it entailed very detailed joinery installation.  Simply there were no 90-degree cuts everything needed to be customised.  The stage in the library was extremely detailed and required customisation.  It required measuring and cuts to specific angles.

The OPEN4 joinery team completed the installation:

  • Reception room

  • Pigeon holes

  • Cabinets

  • Stage in the library

OPEN4's team was ahead of the schedule and caught up with the builder.  This prevented work progressing and our team were required to leave the site.  Once the builder completed their scope our joinery team returned and completed the job for Paloma ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.

OPEN4 helps the doors open ONTIME in Sydney for WeWork

For those that don’t know WeWork they are the fastest growing co-working space in the world and occupy more real estate in Manhattan than any other company.

March 04, 2019

Engaged by a Queensland joinery manufacturer, OPEN4 provided a skilled team of joiners to complete the installation of supplied joinery. Soon after starting OPEN4 applied its turnkey solution by providing additional services of warehouse, transport and floor loading.
The location provided its own challengers installing into 6 floors of a Heritage Building. A large percentage of the joinery had to be custom scribed to fit into the original polished concrete floors and existing block walls.
If we ever believe projects are not going to have challenges, then we are definitely not in the right industry. A small loading dock and restricted access, the number of joinery items and their size, restricted access to the lift and having to floor load through the stairwell never stood in the way of OPEN4 delivering ONTIME. The team worked days, nights and weekends to make sure the job was ready to handover at project completion
The works completed were:


  • Custom scribed joinery

  • Wall paneling with mirrors

  • Breakout kitchens

  • Banquet seating

  • Reception bar

  • Planter boxes


So, if you are looking for a team of joiners to help complete your next project then don’t hesitate to call us at OPEN4.


Once upon a time student accommodation was a small dingy room with a single bed, desk and bathroom.

February 18, 2019

Not anymore.... welcome to 2019 where student accommodation is somewhere you would be happy to live.

OPEN4 recently completed a project for St Paul's College at Sydney University providing all the FF&E logistics.  Engaged by a leading FF&E and OS&E procurement organisation we completed:

- Delivery and placement of over 2054 pieces of FF&E (fixed joinery and loose furniture) and 856 pieces of OS&E (TV's bar fridges, microwaves and kettles).

- 37 x containers of FF&E received into the OPEN4 warehouse

- Two stages - West Wing and Graduate House

208 x high standard studio and apartment rooms

The accommodation has been designed for singles or couples, with studios, one bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.  All rooms have en suites and include kitchenette cooking facilities and a spacious, bright workspace.  The rooms also have a television, air conditioning and the college provide regular cleaning, Wi-Fi and all the utilities are included.

You wouldn't want to leave!  Students in 2019 won't be sharing a bathroom and living in a tiny room, they will be enjoying the new facilities university colleges are starting to provide.

OPEN4 were able to provide all the FF&E logistics with a warehouse and transport team delivering ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.


December 16, 2018

Working in remote locations can sometimes be challenging and expensive to complete for you and your client.  Delivering of projects central locations are part of everyday business for OPEN4, but that's not always the case.  Continually OPEN4 is challenged by our clients to deliver projects in remote locations.

OPEN4 rises to the occasion to accept these challenges that seem impossible.  We have recently supported our clients in locations like Palau, Chukk in Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and locations across Australia like Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Hobart, Townsville and Port Stephens.

Running a project in a 3rd world country can often have its challenges.  In September OPEN4 completed the office fit-out for mobile phone company Huawei in Papua New Guinea.  OPEN4's installation team working with local Chinese building company Vision and JLL Sydney to install all the FF&E for an international commercial furniture supplier, Steelcase.  Our install time of 2 weeks had an initial delay with the containers arriving late which created our first challenge.

Other challenges OPEN4 faced while working in this remote location were:

- language barriers

- customs

- cultural differences

- work values

- food

- climate

- safety of workplace

With all the challenges above and delays OPEN4 were able to deliver the project ON QUALITY - ON BUDGET - ON TIME.

OPEN4 Expands into FMCG

Open4's installation division supports Samways in opening large FMCG store.

October 21, 2018

We were presented the exciting opportunity to work with Samways at the new Westfield Shopping Centre in Coomera for the fit-out of a large retail store.

This enabled OPEN4 to expand our high level of installation services into Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).


The works included:

  • 270 pallets of equipment equating to 368 pallet spaces

  • Unloaded containers

  • Sorted, unpacked and installed all primary, secondary, tertiary joinery, AER (additional equipment requested) and cross dock items (items from other companies).

  • Over 1000 racking systems

  • Change room joinery cubicles

  • Checkout joinery desks

  • Service area joinery and counter units

  • Display and Blade feature walls


Retailer said “Best new store fit-out that has been completed!”


Samways said “A massive thanks to Gary and Andrew from OPEN4.  You guys exceeded my expectations by a mile.  Thank you for the countless hours you and the team have put in to ensure the store looks great for opening.”


We had a joinery and installation team on-site for 6 weeks to ensure that all the work completed for Samways was ON QUALITY – ON BUDGET – ON TIME.

Australia's 1st Boutique Store for Chaumet

OPEN4 were an integral part of the fit-out for Chaumet’s first Australian boutique store.

September 16, 2018

All of the FF&E for the project was delivered to OPEN4’s Sydney warehouse.  There was 1 container and 32 oversized individual crates.


On arrival of the container and crates we inspected all the FF&E and repaired any of the defects that required repairing prior to delivery to site.


We used a “Just in Time”  approach for the delivery of the FF&E based on the size of the site.  The store size was 75sqm, therefore there were restrictions as to what could be delivered each day. 


Installation included large scale timber panelling features dominantly throughout the store.  No modification could be made to this specification, as the artwork was already featured on the timber panels. 


The store features a striking centre piece the “Alabasta Cloud” and the “Wall of Crowns” expressing refined and luxurious, intimate and feminine undeniably Parisian, the showcase setting truly expresses the Maison’s identity. 


The tiara, the symbol of Chaumet, protrudes from the far wall in a dramatic 3D effect and is the Maison’s majesty and reminder of the exceptional savoir-fare.


Thank you Calida for engaging OPEN4 on this great project!

Here we come Palau

OPEN4 team worked with Freedom Kansas City in Palau

July 08, 2018

OPEN4 Head of Operations, Lee Phillips and Lead Installer, Cathal Butterly headed over to Palau to work with Jordan Davis from Freedom Kansas City to complete the furniture fitout for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It was a long flight and arrived to warm humid weather.  Unloading the truck in these conditions with the assistance of locals was at times challenging especially with the language barrier.

Once the installation process started they developed their own language and hand signals with the locals to be able to get the job completed.  They knew when the locals understood what was being asked of them when they nodded their heads.

In between the installation they managed to get some time sightseeing to make all the staff back home jealous of the beautiful place Palau is.

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