Bank of America for SBFI

"...more time and cost efficient than the traditional way of delivering all the product to the floor, sort it, move it and then assemble it. The builders feedback about the delivery and assembly was very positive and BOA was very pleased with the overall quality of the install..."
Ramsay MacPherson, Managing Director, SBFI 


Working for SBFI, a global leader in financial and control room furniture, we provided warehouse receival, pre-assembly of frames, local delivery and installation of 110 trading desks for the Bank of America Merill Lynch, Sydney trading floor. 


Our best practice workshop methodology allowed us to receive over 100 square metres (or 665 cartons) into our warehouse for this project. We then pre-assembled the basic frame at our warehouse, consolidated the balance of the product onto our custom trolleys and shipped the product to site and completed the assemble onsite. Over ten square metres of rubbish and cartons did not leave our warehouse. 

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